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Flavours & Pricing

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Pricing Information & Menu

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Our price guarantee: We will fit your dream wedding cake into your budget! We will give you our written price quote, and if you can submit any other written quote for your cake for less we will lower our quote to help you make the most of your budget!

We realize the expenses that come with today's weddings. The price of my cakes is determined by the actual cake design and size. We do not charge extra for different flavors or fillings on each tier, or increase cost for various shapes of the more modern wedding cakes. My prices are some of the best for Hamilton and 25% lower than many other bakers in the GTA area once all of their extra fees are taken into consideration.

All of our prices are broken down into a per serving cost that includes tax. Butter Cream covered cakes start at $2.50/per serving. Fondant Covered cakes start at $3.50/per serving. Cake serving sizes are calculated according to the universal catering guide for wedding portions or dessert buffet.


Delivery Information

My team and I will personally deliver and set up each wedding cake. I don't trust anyone else to take care of this important step. If you choose to do this on your own you will have to sign a waiver of responsiblity, in the event there would be damage to your cake during travel and set up. Delivery fees are based upon the distance transported. I spend as much time at the reception site as necessary to make sure the cake is displayed to perfection. Delivery for Hamilton is free. Delivery outside of the city of Hamilton is based on distance of transport


Tasting Appointments

Cake design and quote appointments can be scheduled by calling Paige Werner at (905. 921. 9337). Appointments are generally held Monday-Saturday 12noon-5pm. In some cases we may be able to arrange appointments after 5.

I advise clients to schedule well in advance of their wedding to guarantee availability. On average, people book about 12 months in advance. All private tastings are no charge to anyone who has a contract. We do not freeze samples in advance. They will be made fresh for you the day of your tasting.


To Freeze or Not To Freeze

Some Bride's and Grooms choose to uphold the tradition of keeping the top tier of the wedding cake for the first Anniversary celebration, or until the birth of the first child. However, there are several things to keep in mind when freezing a cake.

Cakes covered in a rolled fondant will not thaw as perfectly as they are frozen. Fondant does accumulate the moisture and humidity from the freezer. This will cause stickiness and softening as it thaws. The cake inside will remain unaffected. Buttercream cakes, however do thaw very well and will taste the same as they do before freezing, as long as they are protected from freezer burn.

The key is to wrap the cake after it's had some time in the fridge. Wrapping the cake in Glad wrap is also very important. It is the only plastic that will truly give protection against freezer burn. You will want to wrap this as airtight as possible. For extra protection, you may sit the cake in a cardboard box which will give an extra barrier to the elements.

I will give you detailed instructions on how to freeze and defrost the tier.